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  • Annual Meetings
    • Question: When is the Annual Meeting of Avery Park held?
      Answer: The Bylaws provide that a meeting of the Association shall be held at least once a year. Annual meeting is held in November each year. You will receive written notice of the meeting, along with the Procedural Agenda and the proposed budget in advance of the time the meeting is to be held

    • Question: How do I vote for the Board or on other issues?
      Answer: Prior to the meeting, you will be sent a copy of the proposed budget for the coming along with a proxy, which can be given to a neighbor who will be in attendance at the meeting. Your proxy may also be mailed. 

    • Question: What constitutes a quorum for the Annual Meeting of Avery Park?
      Answer: Article 2, Section II of our By-Laws provides that a quorum for a legal meeting shall be 10% of the Membership.

    • Question: How much notice must be given before the Annual Meeting?
      Answer: The Bylaws provides that notice of the Annual meeting must be sent by first class mail to all members no sooner than 50 days nor less than 10 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

    • Question: May I give my proxy to another homeowner if I cannot attend?
      Answer: Yes.

  • Assessments
    • Question: How are assessments determined?
      Answer: The amount of assessment for any given year is based upon the projected operating costs of the Association for the coming year, plus a provision for funding reserves for the maintenance, repair or replacement of capital assets and other contingencies

    • Question: Is there any provision for increases in assessments and how much can they be raised?
      Answer: The Budget and assessments are considered approved unless disapproved by a majority of the owners.

    • Question: What is the penalty for late or non-payment of assessments?
      Answer: If your account is in arrears, you will be sent a reminder by the management company, and if your account is 90 days in arrears, a lien against your property may be filed. The Bylaws provide that the Association has a implied lien on a property from the date the assessment is due, there is a 10% late fee. 

    • Question: Can I pay my assessments by credit card?
      Answer: You may pay by credit card by going to 

    • Question: How do I know when my payment has been received?
      Answer: You may check to see if your check has been received by checking your Account Information on the CMA website or the Avery Park website.

  • Board of Directors
    • Question: How many persons are there on the Board?
      Answer: Current provisions of the amended By-Laws provide for a Board of five (5) members. The presence of three of its members constitutes a quorum to conduct a legal meeting.

    • Question: What are their terms of office?
      Answer: All terms of office are for two years.

    • Question: When are elections held?
      Answer: Elections for the Board are held at the Annual Meeting.

    • Question: What are the duties of the Board?
      Answer: The general duties of the Board of Directors are as follows: 1) To uphold and enforce the terms of our Governing Documents. 2) To manage the business affairs of the community. 3) To maintain the physical infrastructure of the Association. 4) To manage the financial assets of the HOA. 5) To develop budget projections that anticipate ongoing operating expenses and assure that sufficient reserve funds will be available for future expenditures for infrastructure or for other contingencies.

    • Question: When are regular Board meetings held?
      Answer: Board meetings are typically held on the Second Tuesday of the month, provided that a quorum of the Board is able to be present. There is no meeting in December

    • Question: How do I contact the Board?
      Answer: You may contact the Board by calling, writing or e-mailing the Community Manager, Amy Orton at Community Management Associates. (See link Contacts / Management Contacts.)

    • Question: May I attend meetings of the Board?
      Answer: Members of the Association are welcome to attend Board meetings. If you have a specific issue that you would like to have addressed, please contact our Community Manager in advance of the meeting (preferably a week) so the topic may be put on the agenda.

  • Avery Park History
    • Question: How long has Avery Park been established?
      Answer: Avery Park was established in 1999 by Pathway Communities. 

  • Avery Park Social Gatherings
    • Question: Do we ever hold any Avery Park social gatherings?
      Answer: The Social Committee of the Association holds multiple social events throughout the year. They are posted on this website. 

  • Common Areas
    • Question: What are the common areas in Avery Park?
      Answer: Avery Park has a pool, tennis courts, two playgrounds, walking trails, a pavilion, and a fish pond. 

  • Committees
      Question: What committees are there in Avery Park?
      Answer: The standing committees in Avery Park include Welcome, Social, Maintenance, Modification, Landscape, Traffic, Recreation, and Communitication.

    • Question: Do committee members need to be members of the Board?
      Answer: Any Association member in good standing can be appointed to a committee.

    • Question: Can I volunteer to serve on a committee?
      Answer: Volunteers are always welcome to request to serve on a committee if there is a vacancy. The Welcome Committee is comprised of non-Board members and volunteers to serve are always sought.

  • Dog and Animal Nuisances
    • Question: What can I do if a dog barks regularly, disturbing my sleep?
      Answer: Please contact the property manager and your local animal control officer. 

    • Question: What can I do if a neighbor does not pick up after his pet?
      Answer: Please contact the property manager and your local animal control officer. 

    • Question: May I walk my dog if it is not on a leash?
      Answer: Dogs must be kept on a leash when outside the owner’s home or enclosed patio or fenced area.

  • Easements
    • Question: Where are the easements in Avery Park?
      Answer: Please check with the city of Newnan regarding easements. 

  • Improvements and Construction/Landscaping Projects
    • Question: What types of improvements to my home require approval and how do I go about obtaining it?
      Answer: Avery Park has two categories of Improvements: Major and Minor. Please refer to Architectural Submissions to determine what is required for each type of project, and to learn what projects and repairs require no approval. Forms and Reference Materials may be found in Architectural Submission Docs. You may also wish to review the article Expedited Reviews for Minor Improvements in the August/September, 2009, Newsletter and the current Design Guidelines.

  • Insurance
    • Question: What type of insurance does the HOA carry?
      Answer: The Association currently carries three types of insurance: General Liability, Umbrella and Directors’ and Officers’ Errors and Omissions.

    • Question: What should I do if I witness Avery Park property damaged in an accident?
      Answer: If you observe an accident that causes damage to Avery Park property, please attempt to obtain the names of those involved and the license plates and descriptions of any vehicles involved. Call Community Management Associates with the information and our Manager will follow up on the matter.

    • Question: What should I do if I incur damages in an accident caused by faulty HOA equipment or materials?
      Answer: If you are injured or if or your property is damaged by faulty HOA equipment, materials or maintenance, please call our Community Manager and provide all the details and photos, if possible.

  • Landscaping and Yard Maintenance
    • Question: What am I expected to do in terms of maintaining my yard and the desert around it?
      Answer: You are required to keep all areas on your property clear of debris, dead vegetation and otherwise maintain it in a condition that is tidy and pleasing to the eye. You are expected to 1) keep trees and shrubs trimmed, 2) remove dead or diseased trees and growth, and 3) Keep lawns free of weeds and mow and edge regularly. 

    • Question: May I install irrigation without permission?
      Answer: No, a modification request must be submitted for this. 

    • Question: If plants in my landscaping have died or been damaged, may I replace them without permission?
      Answer: If you suffer damage or loss of plants in existing landscaping and wish to replace them with the same or similar type of plant materials, no permission is required.

  • Lighting –Exterior
    • Question: If I want to install accent lighting in my landscaping, do I need approval?
      Answer: Yes.

  • Mailboxes
    • Question: Where can I buy a new mailbox?
      Answer: Most home improvement stores carry mailboxes. 

    • Question: Where can I buy a new mailbox post?
      Answer: The following vendors can manufacture a post- or

  • Management Company
    • Question: What are the responsibilities of the Management Company?
      Answer: The Association employs a professional management company, Community Management Associates, to oversee the day-to-day management of the Association. The functions of the Community Manager and the Association Management Company are purely administrative. Neither the Community Manager nor the AMC has any approval authority in application, submittal, approval, or variance procedures other than the duties described in their contract.

    • Question: How do I get in touch with the Management Company?
      Answer:  See Contacts / Management Contacts for more contact information.

    • Question: How do I get in touch with our Manager if I have an emergency on a weekend or holiday?
      Answer: If you have an emergency during non-business hours, the on call manager may be reached by calling 404-835-9100.

    • Question: How quickly may I expect a response in an emergency during non-business hours?
      Answer: If the situation about which you are calling is a true emergency at night or on the weekend, the Manager will attempt to get back to you quickly. However, if it is something that presents no immediate danger to the residents or property of Avery Park, you will be called back the following day or on Monday morning.

  • Open Houses
    • Question: May we post signs for the Open House?
      Answer: A sign may be displayed on the lot where the Open House is being held during the hours it is occurring. It must be removed promptly thereafter. You many not post signs in any common areas, including the areas around the gates or along the streets.

  • Painting
    • Question: Do I need permission to repaint my house in the same color as the original?
      Answer: You do not need permission to repaint you home in its original color approval is required for a color change. However, you are to call Community Management Associates to advise them for the record that it is being done.

    • Question: What if I want to change the exterior color of my home?
      Answer: You must submit an application for modification.  

  • Reserve Account
    • Question: What is the Reserve Account for?
      Answer: Our Reserve Account has been set up to assure that we have adequate funds to undertake future maintenance and replacement of our capital assets. It is also to provide funds for other contingencies.

    • Question: Are the funds dedicated to any specific projects?
      Answer: Our Reserve Funds are not dedicated to any particular projects.

    • Question: How is the Reserve Account funded?
      Answer: We fund our Reserve Account through annual transfer of funds from the operating account. 

    • Question: How does the Board determine what capital improvements/replacements are necessary?
      Answer: The board uses a reserve study prepared by an engineer to predict the useful life of amenities. 

  • Roads and Shoulders
    • Question: Does the City maintain or have any control over our roads?
      Answer: Yes.

  • Roof Repairs
    • Question: Do I need to obtain approval to have my roof replaced?
      Answer: Yes. 

  • Satellite Dishes
    • Question: Do I need permission to install a satellite dish on my roof?
      Answer: The HOA is not permitted to disallow the installation of satellite dishes for TV or high-speed internet, but may place reasonable restrictions on their placement, provided that the restrictions do not impair the quality of reception. You are to inform Community Management Associates of the installation for the record.

  • Setbacks
    • Question: What are setbacks and why are they important?
      Answer: Setbacks are the minimum distances from boundaries that any structure may be erected on a lot. The purpose of setbacks is to help ensure the privacy and views of neighboring lot owners.

  • Solar Devices
    • Question: Do I need to permission to install solar devices on my roof to heat my pool or a hot water heater, etc.?
      Answer: Yes.

    • Question: Do I need permission to install solar panels for electricity?
      Answer: Yes.

  • Traffic Control
    • Question: What is the speed limit in Avery Park?
      Answer: The speed limit in Avery Park is 25 MPH, just as it is in any other residential area, unless otherwise indicated.

    • Question: Does the City have any jurisdiction in Avery Park?
      Answer: Yes. The city has jurisdiction over and owns the streets in Avery Park. 

  • Trash and Recycling
    • Question: Why do we use Waste Management? May I use another service?
      Answer: The Association contracts with Waste Management to secure a bulk rate for its residents; however, the account holders are individual residents. There is no prohibition against your contracting with another service if you choose.

  • Violations of CC&Rs
    • Question: If one of my neighbors is in violation of the CC&Rs, how do I file a complaint?
      Answer: If you wish to report a CC&R violation, please contact Community Management Associates.

    • Question: If I am charged with a violation, what are my rights?
      Answer: You may dispute a charge of violation of the CC&Rs by following the procedures outlined in Governing Docs / Resolutions / Policy for Imposition of Penalties and Notice of Violation, which include the right to be heard by the Board of Directors.

  • Window Coverings, Awnings and Tinting
    • Question: Do I require permission to install exterior window coverings, awnings or window tinting?
      Answer: Yes. 

  • Website
    • Question: I forgot my password. Is there a way to retrieve my password information from the site?
      Answer: Yes. On the Login Screen, there is a link labeled “Forgot your Password?” Click on that. On the next screen, enter either your name or your email address as it appears in the profile. NOTE: The “Forgot my Password” function will not work unless you have a valid email address listed in your User Profile.

    • Question: I would rather not login every time I come to the site. Can’t I save my password?
      Answer: Yes. Simply check the box labeled “Remember Login Info?” on the login screen, and the web site will store a cookie on your computer. Every time you click Login, the web site will automatically log you in; however, you will still need to enter your login information if you visit the web site on a different computer. NOTE: It is highly recommend that you DO NOT save your login information if you are accessing the web site on a public computer.

    • Question: The web site automatically logs me in every time I click Login. How can I get the login screen back?
      Answer: You need to discard the login cookie on your machine. To do so, log in and click User Profile. Check the box labeled “Discard / Remember Login Info”, and click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

    • Question: How can I get information emailed to me?
      Answer: Our web site contains a feature that allows us to send the Newsletters and other periodic emails of interest to community members. It will also supply website updates. To sign up, go to User Profile / Subscriptions and mark “From the Board” and/or “Website Announcements” and click on “Save Changes” button.

    • Question: Can anyone else see my personal information in User Profile or Account Information?
      Answer: The Avery Park website is for Association Members only and is not available to the public. Only the person with your login name and password can view your information.