New Resident?
To Our Newest Resident(s),
Welcome to Avery Park! We are so happy to have you in our amazing community. Whether you're new to Newnan, or you've been here for years, we want to share some things not only about our neighborhood but also our sweet city.
We are a Property Owners Association run by resident volunteers. We also utilize a property management company (CMA) to assist us with the business of running a community of almost 600 homes.  You can find them as well as other great information on our website Once you're registered you will find what a great resource this is for you to use. You can rent out the amenities, fill out a modification request, view upcoming events and you'll receive emails whenever the board needs to communicate to the whole community. This is also the only way to receive our newsletters, which contain important information about the community and events. 
Our community is run by a board of volunteer homeowners. We also have several committees that are run by volunteers as well:
  • Social
  • Modifications
  • Landscape
  • Communications
  • Reservations
  • Welcome
  • Parks and Pavilions
  • Traffic
  • Courts
  • Maintenance
Avery Park is a large community and it takes lots of volunteers to keep this a fun and great place to live. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us maintain this great community and to assist with our many special events.
Our community is funded by resident dues which are due in two equal payments to be made by January 1 and April 1 every year. Our current dues are $650.00 a year for all residents, and a special additional assessment for those living on an alleyway. In order to access the neighborhood amenities, including the pool, dues must be paid. You can pay these to CMA communities directly or set them up to pay through your bank.
Avery Park has 2 playgrounds for your family to enjoy, as well as a nature trail and fully stocked pond. There is a sand volleyball court off of the Old Atlanta HWY entrance. The Pavilions at the playgrounds can be used for birthday parties and are first come first serve.
Avery Park is a neighborhood that offers more than just a beautiful house in a great location but we also have lots of fun events several times a year. Easter egg hunt, summer kick off pool party, fall festival and cookies with Santa are just a few of the events that we have yearly. See the community calendar or reach out to our social committee for more information.
Downtown Newnan is just a few minutes down the road and it's full of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, boutiques, bars with live music and so much more. We have a lot of parks that are very close to our neighborhood. Carl Miller Park has multiple Pavilions for picnics, a big covered playground and a big splash pad for the kids.Newnan has an amazing skate park with a playground, public bathrooms, bike path and steep slides that the kids will love.
Feel free to reach out to anyone on the board about any questions or concerns you may have. Again, welcome to Avery Park and we are so happy to have you as the newest resident in our amazing community.
You can reach us anytime at BOARD@MYAVERYPARK.ORG

Helpful Information
Trash Pickup is provided by Amwaste. Currently pickup days are on Mondays. Please reach out to them with any trash or recycling questions. Helpful Tip: All trash must be in the can in order for it to be picked up. You may request an additional trash can if you need one.
Electric is provided by EMC
Water and Sewer is provided by Newnan Utilities
Gas service can be purchased through multiple vendors. We recommend shopping around for the best price.
Internet service providers in the neighborhood vary by specific address. Some homes have AT&T fiber access, others do not. It is best to reach out to them directly to determine availability. Most residents can purchase Wow internet and cable. Spectrum may be available to some homes as well. 
Avery Park News and Events is maintained and run by the Avery Park POA and will have the most up to date information on what's happening in the neighborhood.
Avery Park Website All residents should register for access to the website in order to obtain community covenants and rules, reserve or rent amenities, and receive our weekly newsletter. The newsletter will have important information on events, notices, changes, and POA meetings. This is the official source of information from the POA and provides valuable insight into the neighborhood. Dues and account information is available on CMA's website at
Pool Passes - In order to access our pool each resident over 14 years of age will need a pool pass. All children must be accompanied by an adult with a pool pass. Each pass is tied to a specific person, and identity will be verified by the pool monitor at entry. This keeps our pool safe and just for the use of our residents and guests. 
Please reach out to the board if you need new pool passes, or are new to the community
●     In order to receive cards, you must arrange to meet with a volunteer and register, this may be done remotely depending on the availability of our volunteers.
●     Each household may receive up to four (4) free cards, with additional cards costing $5. Each card must be registered to a resident of that household.
●     Each household may receive one (1) caregiver card to be used for a grandparent or babysitter as needed. These cost $5 each to register, and are not tied to a specific person.
●     Each household may bring up to four (4) guests during their visit.
●     Pool areas may be reserved for parties, however there is an additional fee if the group exceeds a certain number in order to book a dedicated lifeguard.
●     Please refer to the full pool rules on our website (Amenities) and reach out to us with questions.
(Lost cards are $10 to replace)