Amenities Overview & Important Documents
One of the many perks of living in Avery Park are our Amenities! Our Amenities include the clubhouse, pool, pavilion, two playgrounds, tennis courts, sand volleyball court, fishing pond and walking trails. 
Some of our amenities are free to use by any resident at any time, but others have the option to be reserved, or need to be reserved for use. For more information on these amenities, navigate through the Amenities section of the website.
Pool Key-Cards
For the 2022 season we will begin issuing hard key-cards to residents for pool access. 
  • Each member of the household over 14 years of age will need their own card registered to them.
  • Each household is Eligible for up to Four (4) free cards for each household member.
  • Each additional card is ($5) only residents are eligible.
  • Each household is Eligible for one caregiver card ($5 fee)
  • Lost cards will cost $10 to replace
Dates and times where a board member will be at the clubhouse to register users will come via email or Facebook communication.
The two scenarios regarding how residents will access the pool are as follows.
1. If you have the brivo app AND can still use it to access the pool you need take no action. You may use the app.(Please open it and check at your convenience)
2. If you do NOT have the app already set up from last year, have reset your phone, bought a new phone, are new to the neighborhood, or otherwise are unable to access the pool controls through the app, you will need to get physical cards to access the pool this year. 
To be clear, we are NOT granting new access to the brivo app to residents who either deleted the app or got new phones, as we slowly begin transitioning away from the system and back towards physical cards.
Swim lessons will be offered this year at the pool by the pool company and their instructors. Please see the attached registration form with any questions. 

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Main Playground   
Secondary Playground
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